What Drives Us

The thrust of technology-driven entrepreneurship in India has mostly been to serve the same, affluent sliver of our massive nation. The rest of the population - both urban and rural, has been traditionally underserved given the challenges of servicing this high-volume, low-value user base.

In recent years, technology has lowered the cost and time to scale digital services significantly. Yet, over half a billion Indians still remain underserved by the existing solutions. The Bharat Inclusion Initiative supports startups driven towards building for this market.

Sectors In Focus

Our programs support startups that are working for the low-and-middle-income customers in the areas of

Financial Services

Skill Development

Livelihood Generation

Our Approach

The Bharat Inclusion Initiative is creating an enabling ecosystem for tech entrepreneurs solving the hard challenges of inclusion. To do this, we focus on four key levers.

Research & Development

Through the Bharat Inclusion Research Fellowships we support development of actionable insights about the unique Bharat Market. In partnership with IIM Ahmedabad, we are setting up a centre of excellence on campus to build knowledge about inclusion.

Educate & Disseminate

We publish insights on Bharat. Through a variety of platforms we share insights on Understanding Bharat, Building for Bharat, and People of Bharat. We conduct Sprints and Office Hours to help startups make sense of emerging trends and opportunities.

Incubate & Accelerate

Our high-touch programs - Financial Inclusion Lab and Bharat Inclusion Champions - are designed to de-risk the entrepreneurs' journey and set them up for growth. Our programs help startups better access our network of investors, customers, and partners.

Fund & Support

We provide prototyping and piloting grants to startups building innovative solutions in the space. We also introduce mature startups to investors, including our very own Bharat Inclusion Seed Fund and the Bharat Innovation Fund for support with scaling up.